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v3.0.1.4 (Latest Public Release)

This update brings enhancements and optimisations to package tasks, assignments and task automation as well as introduces a new station message display feature. Task automation can now be used to identify and email on detection of stale user and stations accounts, as well as email unexpected package task exit codes.

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-BCX Manager - Added File - Messaging for managing pre and post logon messages on stations.
-BCX Manager - Added package summary views - View unexpected exit codes to Package Tasks.
-BCX Manager - Added expected exit codes to package task details under the Advanced tab.
-BCX Manager - Added lookup exit code(s) to package task to show the windows error description.
-BCX Manager - Added daily detect unexpected exit codes and email results to File - Task Automation.
-BCX Manager - Added right click Add this User and Add this Station to assignments to quickly assign to the station you are using.
-BCX Manager - Added right click Add User/Station to... option to quickly add selected users to groups or task assignments from User Information, Station Information and Users and Computers.
-BCX Manager - Added Email address tab to Groups under Users and Computers to allow management of multiple email addresses for Office 365.
-BCX Manager - Added delete user AD accounts option to move user wizard to allow archiving of user data to a new location based on Sub OU Template with deletion of the AD objects.
-BCX Manager - Added additional predefined filters to User and Station Information for password changes, last rebuilt and unused accounts.
-BCX Manager - Added new File - Task Automation jobs for detecting stale user and station accounts and sending a weekly email for accounts not used.
-BCX Manager - Added window title and icon colour branding for easier location identification in multi BCX Manager environments via the settings.xml.
-BCX Manager - Fixed bug where opening multiple users logon history shows null exception.
-BCX Manager - Fixed bug where logon history would show duplicate entries.
-BCX Manager - Fixed bug where a cleared wallpaper overlay image remained enabled.
-BCX Manager - Fixed bug where random generated passwords would appear to have odd symbols when csv files were opened in excel.
-BCX Rename Computer - Added UUID and MAC as command line parameter to default check desired option.
-BCX Rename Computer - Added Stations OU List to move stations directly into the desired OU.
-BCX Rename Computer - Added command line parameter WIDE to increase window width for long OU names.
-BCX Server Service - Extends the database to support new features included in this release.
-BCX Server Service - Added task automation additional functionality and station messaging.
-BCX Client Service - Implemented client support for messaging.
-BCX Update - Updated core framework and added TLS 1.2 SSL support for update delivery.
-BCX Update - Digitally signed from v3.0.0.7

Additionally this update incorporates the previously unreleased specific patches v3.0.1.31 and v3.0.1.32

-BCX Manager - Fixed scheduled task house keeping removing tasks that have future scheduled dates.
-BCX Manager - Fixed possible null reference exception on startup causing issues with users and computers.
-BCX Server Service - Fixed scheduled task station rebuild not consistently sending wake on lan packet.
-BCX WDS Rebuild Tool - Updated to resolve potential issue where certain WDS boot.wim files may not update successfully.
-BCX Exchange Connector - Improved 365 licence assignment following Azure AD Connect delta sync.
-BCX Exchange Connector - Improved 365 mailbox creation in multi-dc environment.


This update brings UI speed enhancements and optimisations to Users and Computers, Station Information and User Information. Scheduled Tasks has been updated to both to improve the UI, as well as adding support for multiple schedules times per task. In this release we have started digitally signing UAC aware applications so the trusted publisher shows as Burconix Ltd Software.

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This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements including task automation allowing you to configure automated email alerts on virus detection, as well as configure a daily automated MIS Compare report.

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This minor update brings various bug fixes for the latest Windows 10 build 1607 and LTSB 2016, as well as stability improvements to the BCX Server Service when starting up a high number of stations automatically. Please note that following this update OU user templates will use a new format for masks introducing an end tag, for example %u will now become %u%. All existing templates will be updated automatically so no user action is required.

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This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements including a new pre logon UI allowing you to see packages tasks, remote rebuild and the network connection status pre user logon on the window login screen.

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We are pleased to announce the new pre logon UI now available in v3.0.1.0, with support for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.

This allows you to see package tasks running on machines without being logged on, including when a station is being rebuilt. We have also added a new network status feature, this displays a working offline message pre logon to let the user know when the device is not connected to the network.


This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements including a new AV Information feature allowing you to view and acknowledge virus outbreak events from within BCX Manager. We have also added the ability to move and rename users, updating email aliases and home directory paths at the same time.

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You can use AV Information review and acknowledge outbreaks:

You can also deploy the AV Reporting Service to your servers:

If you have lots of computers reporting "Not scanned for 2 weeks" you can enable catch-up quick scan for regular av scanning:


This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements including bulk enable email groups, and create mail groups from MIS class groups. You can now set address book policies from user templates, with full support for Exchange 2016. We have also added an optional AUP Tool that displays an acceptable use policy with logging which can be auto started on logon.

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This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements for local exchange, hybrid and 365 cloud management including bulk create mailboxes and email address management. As well as limit OS options for shortcuts and packages on Windows 10.

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This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements to our MIS comparison tool, assignment checking and a new notes tab to package tasks, as well as improvements to the BCX Rename Computer tool.

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This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements including the first release of our MIS Comparison tool, as well as adding display pictures in the staff change password utility and beta remote rebuild support for EFI Installations of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements including beta support for Office 365 and Exchange 2013 Hybrid mailbox creation, AD user photo manipulation, setting build groups from the rename computer tool, overlaying display names to wallpapers, as well as improvements to the live testing version of our MIS Sync Tool.

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This update brings various bug fixes and enhancements including support for exchange mailbox archives, displaying web tools by type, bulk user password reset and 2012R2 multi-level DFS path support.

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This update brings various bug fixes and UI speed enhancements along with legacy support for NTFS quotas, a hide offline option on shortcuts and DFS user area support.

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This update brings various bug fixes and UI improvements along with arrow navigation and searching for Users and Computers as well EmployeeID filtering under User Information.

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This update brings various bug fixes and UI improvements along with Pending Package Tasks, Logon Modeling for new style Printer Assignments, and new categories have been added to Web Tools.

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New Features in v3.0.0.0

-Completely new manager rewritten from the ground up with a much faster UI and modernised interface, with a ribbon bar to allow instant viewing/changing of settings.
-Exceptions for User and Station Assignments added across the entire manager to allow assignment to all except specific stations/users, groups or OUs.
-Quick Add for User and Station Assignments, for one click editing of assignments.
-Client Support for FSRM Disk Quotas and Remote Desktop Server.
-Client detection of remote thin client name for assignments based on thin name.
-Exchange 2013 Support for mailbox creation when single/bulk users are imported.
-Grouping of Shortcuts to allow simple assignments of multiple shortcuts in one go.
-64bit and 32bit shortcuts in one Shortcut/Package Task for easy mixed client OS support.
-Convert existing packages to Uninstall Task in a single click, and Update Package Task option to quickly update packages such as flash and redeploy in one operation.
-Filter task lists by priority/package type and by shortcut linked in the manager view.
-Printer Task logic updated to include priority for better management of multiple assigned printer tasks, and backup custom default option to revert to network where a local printer is not available.
-Multiple resolutions supported in one Wallpaper Task, client will detect from available resolutions in the task.
-Automatic scheduled and on-demand wake-on-lan with remote rebuilding of computers, even to a new OS.
-Ability to schedule the bulk enabling/disabling of user accounts, to assist with pre scheduling the disable staff users at the end of term and enable new starters at specific start dates.
-Schedule package and shortcut assignments to happen out of hours to allow staged deployment of software.
-Schedule wallpaper assignments can be used to pre schedule different wallpaper assignments to be set for special occasions.
-Advanced Filtering and Status Summary added to User and Station Information to quickly identify machines with issues, and old user accounts.
-Individual column filtering under Station Information allows you to limit the view to certain specifications, making bulk changes such as setting the WDS Build groups a simple operation.
-Extra options added in for Remote Assistance and Remote Management, these default to the included Microsoft standard utilities or can be customised to use your preferred tools.
-User information can be used to quickly locate a user, showing the station they are logged on to so you can provide remote assistance with one click.
-Ability to see when users last set their passwords.
-Web Tools added to bring the BCX Portal to your desktop with saved credentials, along with your other 3rd Party web based network tools, such as your own in house web based helpdesk/booking systems or network device management.
-Built in Feedback and Bug Report Tool to quickly feedback ideas and report any issues detected.
-Tips and Information displaying new functionality as its added.
-BCX Rename computer can be auto started on Admin logon, and now supports "waiting for packages to complete" before rename, as well as reboot on completion to even further ease the install of machines.
-Instant grace licence option added to the manager to allow 30 more stations for 30 days when close to licence limit and replacing stations on your network.
-Client now interactively shows the package tasks its running for Administrators, with progress and number of package tasks remaining.
-Client and Manager now support long filenames including spaces in custom package tasks when enclosed in speech marks.
-Help bubbles have been added in the manager, with hover tooltips to explain options. These are also clickable and will take you to the relevant section in the user guide.

Release History

    August 2017-Public Release of v3.0.1.3
    Januray 2017-Public Release of v3.0.1.2
    October 2016-Public Release of v3.0.1.1
    July 2016-Public Release of v3.0.1.0
    April 2016-Public Release of v3.0.0.9
    March 2016-Public Release of v3.0.0.8
    November 2015-Public Release of v3.0.0.7
    September 2015-Public Release of v3.0.0.61
    July 2015-Public Release of v3.0.0.6
    June 2015-Public Release of v3.0.0.5
    March 2015-Public Release of v3.0.0.4
    February 2015-Public Release of v3.0.0.31
    Januray 2015-Public Release of v3.0.0.3
    November 2014-Public Release of v3.0.0.2
    October 2014-Public Release of v3.0.0.1
    September 2014-First Release of v3.0.0.0

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